Revolution of CATAPAN

Transforming the way you securely manage your sensitive information

Since 1983 we have been a security partner of choice for defence and government organisations, we are an authorised development partner and key capability provider to HM Government. Across 2018 we are launching a series of new CATAPAN High Grade capabilities into the UK Cyber market that will transform the ability to achieve secure missions in a variety of scenarios.

Reducing the risk in high threat operations whilst lowering the infrastructure management and costs, thus reducing the significant operating burdens.

CATAPAN is best in breed for High Grade Cyber security – the most effective line of defence to counter the growing threat and evolving nature of cyber-attacks, whilst giving freedom and flexibility to operate without constraint..

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New capabilites include

  • Data at rest
  • New Micro data in transit crypto
  • Revolutionary benign key delivery solution