Key Management


The CATAPAN Global Key Management System (KMS) provides our international customers with a complete solution for the generation and management of their keys. To ensure the highest quality of cryptographic keys the KMS uses dual redundant hardware-based true number generators, ensuring a constant stream of true random data is available for key generation.

Using symmetric encryption keys in the transmitting and receiving device ensures data remains uncompromised. At the core of the KMS is a Hardware Security Module which allows customers to generate and control their own keys, verified by a trust anchor specific to the customer. All generated key material is backed up in a high security data vault using a COTS database structure. This ensures that should there be any failover a resilient back up is readily and easily implemented.

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  • Produces pre-shared keys for network authentication
  • In-field re-configurable platform
  • Dual Government Grade hardware random number generators
  • Intuitive management software
  • Secure back up capability
  • Integrated COTS database technology for key storage
  • Provides extensive auditing capability